Citrine Lavender Vile

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My daughter wanted to create this piece- this little vile was one from a necklace she had and lost the cork. She did not want it to go to waste so here we are with a beautiful one off piece packed with dried lavender.

100% of this sale goes to Atlohsa Family Healing Centre in London On.

Crowned Quartz pieces are made with crystal chips around the top even though each piece is tested to ensure that is comfortable for the wearer, we recommend these pieces are not worn on delicate fabric as crystal chips could cause pulls in fabric.

This piece should not come into contact with water as it could affect the longevity of your piece.

Brass jewelry should be kept in a jewelry box or bag, and should not have perfume, scented lotions, or sunscreens come in direct contact. Do not wear this piece in the shower, swimming, or during excessive exercise to avoid unnatural tarnishing.

If there is a chain length you would prefer that is not offered please include it in the cart notes and we will try to accommodate your request.