Yh X You

Yh X You is a collection inspired by vintage charm bracelets; growing up I, like so many others, watched my mom collect charms for every occasion and milestone to add to her classic charm bracelet. Yh wants to keep up this beautiful tradition by bringing you a collection in which you can build your own charm necklace as you build your memories.

A collection in which you get to design your piece EXACTLY how you want. In this collection you can customize; chains, chain details, additional charms, and customizable nameplates, coins, and charms.

Cannot wait to work with to create something totally unforgettable.

Please note that these pieces are sold "a la carte" and are each sold separately in order for you to design a piece you truly love and is completely unique to you! You will also be able to add single charms at anytime and Young Huron encourages you add on vintage and family keepsakes to your charm hoop, as well. 

As with all custom pieces there is a 5-7 day turn around PRIOR TO SHIPPING.