Crowned Quartz

Crowned Quartz and Crystal Collection

The Crowned Quartz collection takes the majestic badassery of the high vibin’ quartz crystal and crowns it with the perfection of imperfect salvaged crystal chips of chalcopyrite, calcite, and quartz.

What do we mean by salvaged chips? We work with local warehouses and gem shows to collect crystal chips from cut crystals and gem stones that would otherwise be discarded. The process of using crystal chips is part of our initiative to utilize what we can and further appreciate the beauty of Mother Nature, while also trying to give a little back.

The Crowned Crystal Quartz collection is meant to make you feel as one of a kind as your piece, and to remind you that there is power in imperfection and the ability to refocus, re-centre, and repurpose.

* Please note that these are made from raw and rough crystals. We suggest these pieces NOT be worn on delicate fabrics.