Keepsakes; Celebrating and Commemorating Love and Loss

Posted by Abbie Kingsbury on

Although this business was born out of a love of fashion, it really grew into its own after my first true understanding of loss.

In November of 2018, I lost my mother very suddenly. To say any of the traditional accolades of a mom; "She was my best friend", "We talked everyday", "She guided me through everything", would simply be too many understatements. But anyone that goes through a severe loss already knows this- there are no words to explain that bond of love, and there sure as hell are no words to explain the grief and sadness the loss causes.

When I first lost my mother someone said to me, "Grief is a club no one wants to join; but once you're in, you have a bond with all the other members you never thought you would based on an experience you never thought you'd have." 

Grief provided me a new understanding of the jewelry I created- it gave every custom piece MORE meaning. It felt like I found the true purpose of this business. I was able to connect with customers looking to create customs in a way I never had before; and mind you, this new understanding was not just through customs commemorating a lost loved one. I gained a new understanding of the entire purpose of keepsakes.

Keepsakes mark something and someone so important to you that you want them with you always in as many ways as possible- memories, photos, letters, and mementos; which I feel lucky enough is the job I have now- creating special mementos for each of my customers to keep their loved ones with them in many different ways, always.

As this business continues to evolve, I am so excited to continue to offer brass customs but will also be moving into resin cast keepsake jewelry. I have always loved the fashion of crystals, and much of the reputation of this business was built on crystal pendents; however, I have always longed for these pendents to connect more thoroughly to the idea of keepsakes, wearing what you love, and WEARING YOUR WHY. I am excited that I will be starting to offer custom resin keepsakes in the months to come and will take orders soon with keepsake florals, botanicals, and even special requests like ashes, saved teeth, and hair clippings. 

You can check out my most recent Instagram post to read the story of the piece pictured in this post. 

I cannot wait to share all the changes and evolutions of this business (and now community) in the coming weeks! A new name, new products, same purpose!

Eternal gratitude.


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