Crystals 101: A Beginner's Guide

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For anyone new to the crystal journey and practice, we want to share a beginner's guide with you.The amount of information out there can seem can confusing and overwhelming at times so this is a easy way to dip your toe into the crystal pool with the comfort of the basic building blocks on this form of energy therapy. It is far from exhaustive, but you gotta start somewhere :) 

Crystal healing is a practice of using the energies within crystals to help align your vibrations and draw negative energy out of yourself. You can do this in many ways, the key is keeping your crystal near you. 

Here are the basics so you can begin your Crystal Healing Journey

1. Choosing Your Crystal

When choosing your crystal, you can get stuck trying to find the perfect crystal with the perfect properties that you want to apply to your life. Studying up on crystal properties (although fascinating) is not necessary for choosing your crystal. The best way to choose your crystal is to use your intuition - not a book! What calls to you will be your best source in choosing the right crystal (it also takes all the guessing out of the matter). The right crystal with the right properties will come to you. 

2. Using Your Crystal

Simply keep your crystal near you or on you to avoid negative energy. When you first get your crystal, it is important to set an intention on it. Anything will work. Hold it in your hand and imagine white light going through it. Then set your intention (for example "I will be a kinder, more understanding person") which literally makes your intention set in stone! We really love the literal meaning of that saying here. You can take this next level by meditating with your crystal! Just hold it in your hand and meditate as usual. 

3. Recharging Your Crystal

This is an important one. Eventually the energy of your crystal will become dulled if you do not recharge its light. This is super simple to do and just clears any negativity that could be stored in there. There are many ways to do this. Our personal favourite is to recharge your crystal by the light of the moon (and it is even better if it is full). Simply place it on your window at night and let Mama Moon do her magic. You can also charge it by the sun - keeping your crystal in direct sunlight for roughly four hours will fix it right up as well. Once you have recharged your crystal, it is important to set your intention again. 

And there you have it: Crystal Healing basics! If you have any questions or comments, simply post below. 

So much love and so much light, 

Young Huron 



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