Citrine: An Awareness Stone

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Citrine has been revered since the beginning of (recorded) history. Citrine’s Latin origins translate to mean yellow. It is also where the French word citron comes from. But this gem is certainly not a lemon!

Throughout history, the crystal has been seen as the get s*%t done stone. No wonder Citrine is also the official stone of the sun sign Virgo. If any of you know a Virgo, you know what I mean :) 

In folklore, the stone has been seen to not only encourage action and confidence, but also as an aid to the physical body too. It was believed to help heal the liver, spleen, kidneys, as well as a laundry list of specific ailments from PMS to eyesight problems.

In today’s self-care circles, Cirtine is believed to be a strong self-healing, self-centring stone. It can assist you in quieting the mind and bringing about mental clarity and confidence. It can help you digest and understand little truths that you may have not brought to light.

If citrine can be boiled down to one word, that word would be: Awareness. It brings an awareness to the user that may have been clouded before. Hmmm…no wonder it’s a get s*%t done stone.

Love and Light


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