Amethyst: History, Practice, and Healing Power

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To learn the healing properties of the amethyst we should look at its long and rich history. So much of what we believe today has been shaped by the stone's history. Healing qualities have been associated with amethyst for thousands of years, and it still gives us solace in times of need.  

3 amethyst necklaces with crowned quartz and chalcopyrite

When we look at the history, we learn fascinating – sometimes hilarious – tales about the crystal's origin and use across multiple cultures and eras. Interestingly, it is not that far flung from the way we view its properties and functions today.

The word Amethyst comes from the Ancient Greek word, amethystos, meaning literally "Not to intoxicate". The claim: if you wear an amethyst, you cannot become drunken. Grecians would even carve wine goblets out of the stone! #RoséAllDay…no wonder the Greeks have been called the cradle of civilization. The basis of this belief relates back to Dionysus, the god of intoxication. Dionysus was pursuing a “chaste” female that did not want to be intoxicated by the God's power. She was spared by another god by being turned into clear quartz. Dionysus was humbled by the girl’s resolve and cried tears of wine or poured wine (the history isn’t conclusive) onto a clear stone. The stone was dyed purple. And so concludes the myth of the non-intoxicating amethyst!

Church bishops throughout the middle ages interpreted this story by wearing amethyst rings to be protected from corruption. Amethyst was associated with the virtues of the apostles.

Amethysts have also been worn by soldiers as protective talismans throughout the ages. Ancient Egyptians wore the stone in battle based on the belief that it helped you remain calm.

In Tibet, amethysts have represented the clear-headedness of Buddha. Monks would create prayer beads out of the stone.

Leonardo Da Vinci believed that amethysts had the power to increase your intelligence, keep you calm, and protect you from evil.

Based on this brief history, it is no wonder all the properties amethysts hold for healing in today’s beliefs! Use your Amethyst to help quiet the mind, overcome addiction, find clarity in your life, develop self-confidence, and (simply) relax.

We love when beauty and function mingle together. Amethysts are the perfect example of this and a hell of a stone to have in your self-care arsenal!  

So much love, so much light


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